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Double Forte Internship Program

Criteria for Internship Candidacy:

The ideal candidate will be a “rising senior,” graduate, or post-graduate with a grade point average of 3.3 or better and 29-40 of available hours per week to intern. The candidate must have a strong interest in pursuing a career in communications and preferably is majoring or has majored in one of the following disciplines:

  • journalism
  • liberal arts (English, history, religion, political science, music)
  • marketing
  • communications
  • media studies
  • digital/social media

Duration/Stipend/College Credit:

College Credit:

The internship program will require a minimum three-month/20 hours per week (up to a maximum of 29 hours) commitment from the intern. If the intern wishes to receive college credit, Double Forte will consider the college’s prerequisites and handle it on a case by case basis. If the intern is to receive credit, he/she will forgo receiving a stipend.


For graduates/post-grads, this is a paid internship whereby the intern will receive compensation for his/her work in the form of a stipend. For these candidates, it is expected that the intern work as close to 40 hours per week as possible, and commit to at least three-months at the agency.

For all applicants, upon completion of the three months, Double Forte will have the option to extend the internship or perhaps hire the intern at the Account Coordinator level. Neither of these are guaranteed upon completion, and will be dependent upon influx of business and performance of the candidate(s).

Reporting Structure:

The intern will report directly to an Account Coordinator and/or Account Executive for day-to-day/account work, and will also experience working with at least one Director/Senior Director or VP to guide general development and company training. Each intern will be assigned to at least two accounts and up to four at any given time. All interns will be integrated into the account(s)/team(s) and will participate in weekly team meetings (in a verbal role) and in client meetings (in a non-verbal role).

All interns will meet on a daily basis with his/her manager to discuss the day’s assignments and on a bi-weekly basis with the internship program leader. It will be imperative for the intern’s manager(s) to keep the internship program leader apprised of the intern’s performance on a regular basis.


During the tenure of the internship, the intern will participate in a variety of training sessions taught by Double Forte staff members including:

  • PR 101
  • Basic Presentation Skills (how to participate in a client meeting, how to dress, etc.)
  • Writing (e.g. bios, press releases, pitches)
  • Tools of the trade (e.g. Cision, Meltwater, SimilarWeb, etc.)
  • The Double Forte way


The objective is to expose the intern to as much as possible to provide a holistic picture of work in a PR agency. The intern will be invited to shadow other team members in developing press releases, pitch letters, pitching media, handling client situations, etc. However, the intern’s primary duties will include:

  • Media List and Initial Database use – how to create a media list and vet media
  • Daily Media Monitoring
  • Competitive Monitoring and Industry News
  • Developing Speaking and Events Calendars
  • Developing or Working with Editorial Calendars
  • Drafting press materials that may include pitches, press releases, bios, media briefs
  • Attend a PR 101 Class
  • Webinar Attendance
  • Media Credentialing

PR 101 Topics

  • What is PR vs. Advertising (Earned, Owned and Sponsored)
  • Press Release
  • Pitches
  • Mailings
  • Social Media Audit
  • New Biz
  • PR Jargon
  • Short-lead vs. Long-lead publication
  • MSR
  • Deliverables
  • Pass alongable communications
  • Media Outlets
  • Email best practices – Subjects; responding; protocol; style
  • Industry Research


At the beginning of the internship, the intern will be presented with a skills matrix. Upon completion of the internship, the intern’s performance will be evaluated (based on the matrix) by his/her manager, team members and the internship program leader. If the intern is seeking credit, Double Forte will comply with appropriate evaluation forms/procedures provided by the school. If appropriate, Double Forte will also provide a letter of recommendation.

Go on over to our website and/or check out our Instagram @doublefortepr. You must include a cover letter to be considered and it should tell us what appeals to you about Double Forte.

Job Type: Internship

Salary: $15.59 /hour

Work Location:

  • One location


  • Flexible schedule