Part-Time Park Ranger

Umpqua Community College - Fairfield, OH (30+ days ago)

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$25.23 - $27.37 Hourly

Police Department, 5230 Pleasant Ave., Fairfield, OH

Fairfield, OH

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Police Department

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Under general supervision, provide a safe and secure environment for visitors to City parks, protect public property and enforce Park rules and City ordinances. This is a part-time sworn position.

Examples of Duties

Patrol city parks via motor vehicle, golf cart, bicycle, and on foot, attending to the safety and security of visitors to the parks.Respond to citizen comments and complaints as appropriate, providing investigation, information or other official action.

Direct pedestrian and vehicular traffic and maintain crowd control during public events.

Enforce park rules and city and state ordinances, arresting offenders as necessary.Work in conjunction with city Police and other safety services as situations dictate.Open and close parks and park facilities at appointed times.

Prepare necessary documentation and reports of complaints, incidents, offenses and arrests using computer and other automated equipment.

May be appointed as crew leader to supervise and direct other Park Rangers.Prepare a monthly working schedule to assure appropriate staffing as events dictate.Brief other Park Rangers and assure required policing procedures are followed.Participate in planning for special events.

Typical Qualifications

Effective oral and written communication and interpersonal skills. Customer Service orientation. Basic computer competency with word processing and data entry experience. Current State of Ohio Peace Officer certification. Valid Ohio driver's license. Minimum age is 21 years. High school diploma or GED with some advanced education preferred. Must have physical stamina and capability to walk, ride bicycle and physically confront offenders as necessary. Background suitable for appointment as Peace Officer, verified by truth verification examination. Psychological examination required. Must maintain State of Ohio firearms qualification.

Physical Requirements

Continuously sitting to drive the patrol car; work at desk; attending meetings; appear in court; other miscellaneous office tasks. Operating patrol vehicle with foot control. Use of vision to observe suspects; drive patrol car. Visual discrimination required to distinguish and identify suspect's clothing, features, license plates, need good night vision and color perception. Hearing/talking to communicate with Parks patrons, police officers, suspects, victims, witnesses, and general public.

Frequently walking/running generally on concrete or in grass, mud, or water; occasionally on all types of surfaces and terrain; including rough terrain, rock, or uneven ground; or areas presenting obstacles. Lifting/carrying mostly light objects including firearms and recovered property. Occasional lifting/carrying 50-100 lbs to move or transport items such as patrons' property; or over 100 lbs to move victims at the scene of emergency; to assist elderly or disabled persons who have fallen. Will handle suspects in order to restrain them; use firearms, files, radio, or other equipment; recover property; process evidence. Fine dexterity required to write reports; handle firearms, use radar equipment; radios, or other electronic tools; collect evidence, packaging items.

Occasionally standing to talk to Parks patrons or suspects; question witnesses at a crime scene; provide testimony. Pushing/pulling to move vehicles off the road; pull victims from accidents or other emergency sites; push open doors or windows; move obstacles. Reaching varying distances to obtain equipment in various storage locations; operate controls in vehicles. The nature of the various tasks performed is such that all types of body positions are assumed to varying degrees; depending on the nature of the call, the Ranger may be required to assume positions of kneeling; crouching; crawling; bending, or twisting in order to chase and apprehend suspects in narrow, small, or cramped spaces; handcuff or restrain a suspect who is resisting arrest or attempting to flee, particularly a suspect who has been taken to ground in order to be searched and handcuffed; maneuver around, through, or under various kinds of obstacles; assist at the scene of accident or other emergency; move vehicles or otherwise assist motorists; search open, wooded and secluded areas, under trees, rocks and brush. Climbing/balancing to go up hills on foot; climbs ladders; jump or climb over fences or other obstacles.

Non-Physical Requirements

Will occasionally experience time pressures; emergency situations; noisy/distracting environment; performing multiple tasks simultaneously; working closely with others as part of a team; irregular schedule/overtime; numerous change of tasks; and verbal abuse. Will often experience danger, physical abuse and tedious exacting work.

Environmental Requirements

Exposure to extreme temperatures; heat and humidity working outside for long periods in the summer; freezing conditions in the winter; occasional risk of physical abuse or wounds; noise exposure during firearms training; rare exposure to hazardous substances or pathogens as well as dangerous/poisonous animals and reptiles.

City of Fairfield (OH)
(513) 867-5352
5350 Pleasant Ave.

Fairfield, Ohio, 45014